College Counseling

College. It’s one of the first decisions that you’ll make as a young adult—and it’s a biggie. And it’s all about finding colleges that are the right academic and social fits so that you can pursue your goals and thrive.

No pressure, right?

Fear not, our dedicated college counselors will be with you every step of the way, nurturing personal growth and self-discovery, offering sage counsel, and demystifying and destressing the process.

You’ve got this.

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Our Approach

At CA, we’ll empower you to take the lead in your college search. Our college counselors will facilitate an in-depth and illuminating process of self-discovery that will leave you more self-aware and well-prepared to advocate for your needs and desires. You’ll collaborate with them to consider your interests and talents, your academic, social, and financial needs, and explore a range of colleges and universities to find those that best align with your ambitions, values, and goals.

And when it comes time to apply? They will work with you and your family one-on-one to plan testing, select recommenders, and give insightful feedback to help you craft those authentic and thoughtful college essays that are the very best representations of all you have to offer.

Brandon Carter

That I get to be a part of a student’s journey into developing into their best selves is a pure blessing . . . My goal is to find that institution that fits them best so that they can thrive on the next level and beyond, whatever that means to them.

Brandon Carter

Associate Director of College Counseling

Experienced and Trusted

Our College Counselors

Experienced experts, trusted guides, tireless cheerleaders, and calm voices of perspective and reason, our college counselors have a whopping 68 years of experience between them. Together, they’ve shepherded thousands of students through this process to arrive at a college or university that is a fantastic fit for them. (Ask any alum—they’re beloved and crazy good at what they do.)

Your needs

Our Success

At CA we’re not driven by pressure to have a certain number of students admitted to or attend certain colleges. Instead, our commitment is entirely to finding the best school options for you—for your needs, hopes, and dreams.

We’re extremely proud that our college matriculations reveal a lengthy and diverse list of educational institutions. Over the last three years, CA students have gone to nearly 100 different colleges and universities in the United States and abroad, where they thrive, grow, pursue their dreams, and get one step closer to becoming the people they want to be.

For College Admissions Representatives 

Cary Academy is a member of the National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC), and we adhere to the policies governing communication between schools and colleges endorsed by the Association. 

Cary Academy School Code: 340-601 

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