Student Entrepreneurship Program


The Charger community is a creative and multitalented one: from authors to jewelers, fabric artists to resin artists, makers to marketers.

Our Entrepreneurship Department’s Chargerpreneur Program provides an opportunity for CA student, alumni, employee, and parent makers and entrepreneurs to engage in the iterative business design process within the context of our learning community.

The Hub–our student store– features Chargerpreneur products consigned with the school for a minimal fee to prioritize the reinvestment of profits into the community member’s startup-phase business.

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Hanorah Alapati, ’24

My name is Hanorah, and along with Brianna Laing (‘23), we founded DreamBig. We noticed a need in the school community for fun creative stickers, and we wanted to deliver a solution.

The Chargerpreneur program allows any student to come up with a product. And, similar to a real life business scenario, we have to establish a contract with The Hub to sell our products. After discussions with Mr. Seeley, we bought sticker paper and started designing.

The rewarding nature of it is beyond words! To walk around my community and see students with our stickers on their laptops and water bottles? I know that I was able to make an impact, however small.


Mason Dupre, ’24

As a freshman at Cary Academy, Sinclair Soaps is born out of my deep passion for delivering exceptional soap products. Fueled by my discerning eye for quality, I meticulously handpick the finest soaps to curate a collection that exudes luxury.

What began as a venture to fill my spare time quickly evolved into a thriving business in an impressively short span of fewer than three months. This endeavor brings me immense joy as it not only keeps me engaged but also allows me to share high-quality soaps with everyone, enabling them to indulge in the same level of enjoyment.

In the pursuit of excellence, I take great care in selecting only the most exquisite soaps. Each product is chosen with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every bar embodies the utmost in quality and sophistication. From the initial idea to the fully realized business, I have poured my heart and soul into every aspect of Sinclair Soaps. This dedication shines through in the thoughtfully curated collection that awaits you.