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Brick Wall Challenge

January 11, 2018

Curious about the new Center for Math and Science?  At the Launch Party on November 27, Dr. Ehrhardt spoke about the “Brick Wall Design Challenge.”  This challenge is an initiative to explore designs for innovative and creative learning spaces in the new building.

For example, how might we treat the interior 38-foot brick wall and the area around it?  What kinds of functions and uses can be imagined in that space? What about other open spaces and large unadorned walls?  Curious?  Here’s a link to the fly through video.  While some aspects of the architectural renderings have evolved, this video will give you a good idea of the scope of the challenge and the range of possibilities.

We are seeking designs for paintings, sculptures, wall hangings, murals, digital installations or other ideations that will inspire future innovators in the new building.  We also are interested in your ideas about common space furnishings and other items that will help our students realize the best of what our school’s mission is all about.

So what does this design thinking initiative look like?  Faculty are encouraged to integrate this challenge into upcoming projects; clubs are invited to create design teams to ideate possibilities; after school workshops are in the planning stages. This could happen during school, after school, in Discovery Term, over the summer and into next year.

Look for upcoming announcements about workshop dates to share ideas.

All members of the community are encouraged to Dream, Discover and Design!

Questions?  Contact Michael Hayes.

Written by Michael Hayes, Fine & Performing Arts Director

CA Curious

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