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Home-based Learning Advice for Parents

March 26, 2020

Now that we have a week of virtual learning under our belts, we hope things are going smoothly at home for your CA student(s)The Cary Academy Learning Specialists are here to support your child’s learning and address any challenges they – or you – might be experiencing.  As we all adjust to supporting learning from home, we want to share some of our advice on how, as parents, you can best support your child:    

WorkstationHelp your child choose a quiet space in your house where they will be able to concentrate and participate in class lessons and discussions. Remind them to use the restroom, have a big meal – get everything done before online school starts.  The workstation should include all of their supplies as well as their class schedule.   

Daily Routine. Help your student create a daily, written schedule that includes class time, work time, some downtime, and exerciseWe strongly encourage students to have a weekly planner or calendar so that they can plan beyond one day. They should also use their calendar to break larger assignments down into daily tasks.  

Planning and organization. At the start of the day, students should have a written to-do list of what they plan to accomplish. The list should be on paper, in front of them. Students should update it throughout the day and cross tasks out as they complete them.  We always advise that students “eat the frog first.” That means that they complete the assignment that they are least motivated to do first and not save it for later. 

Self-advocacy.  This virtual platform is new to everyone, so encourage your child to reach out to their teacher, advisor, or support staff when questions or concerns arise.     

Virtual study groups.  Help your child stay connected by encouraging them to set up virtual study groups with their classmates.  Teams is an easy place for them to connect.  They can even work through problems together on the virtual whiteboard.  

Contact a teacher directly. If you notice that your child is unsuccessful in his or her attempts to gain clarification with content or assignments, you may decide to email your child’s teachers yourself. At-home learning creates physical barriers to seeking help, so don’t be afraid to reach out on your children’s behalf should they seem stuck. 

We are still here (albeit virtually) and happy to help students and parents navigate this new reality. Feel free to reach out to either of us via email: Kristin_lane@caryacademy.org for Middle Schoolers or laura_werner@caryacademy.org for Upper Schoolers. 

Written by Laura Werner & Kristin Lane, Learning Specialists

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