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August 8, 2019

Dear CA Families,

I do hope that the summer respite has been rewarding and relaxing for all. Faculty and staff have been on campus all week preparing for our first day of classes on August 14. Please be reminded that the first week of school, while exciting, can be a bit chaotic as we re-learn drop-off and pick-up routines. Please do cooperate with staff members on hand to help facilitate smooth movement of people and vehicles. Your patience and goodwill is appreciated.

Let me share a few exciting updates:


We received a record number of applications during the previous admissions cycle and will open with 774 students. This will be our most diverse student body ever, with 46% students of color.

Campus Updates

In addition to a new roof on the Fitness Center and Dining Hall, the FC gym got a fresh coat of lighter, brighter paint. We have finished the demo and expansion of the weight room, and new flooring and equipment should be installed shortly. Restrooms also are being added between the MS field and baseball diamond.

Our track reached the end of its life last summer and needed to be brought down to the dirt and rebuilt. Asphalt work is complete, and an improved Mondo surface should be installed by September.

Renovation in the library is set to begin the first few weeks of school and will continue through the first trimester, at which time we will be delighted to open a new Charger Café. The café will serve as a gathering spot for our community, but also as an experiential learning lab for our new student entrepreneurship initiative.

Also on the docket for the fall is new light-pole banners and campus signage.

As a good deal of these campus improvements will stretch into this school year, please be mindful of signage that may direct you around active construction areas.

The Year Ahead

We are undertaking a significant technology migration this year as we switch to a new student information system called Blackbaud (and away from Veracross). This follows an 18-month review and planning process, and we expect the new platform will give us better integration, customer service and customization options.

The Communications Team is working on a new public-facing website that should debut towards the end of T1. The redesigned site will be CA’s new digital front door and serve as a marketing vehicle serving prospective families and employees. Internal content—detailed information serving our immediate community, including forms, policies, the password-protected content—will be moving into audience-specific portals in Blackbaud.

Look for information regarding training opportunities for families on these new communication pathways and tools in the near future.

Want to Know More?

At the first PTAA parent coffees this fall, I will share more regarding the strategic direction for the school, including a sneak peek on the library renovation and other campus improvement projects.

I do hope everybody enjoys the last blast of summer!

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