Middle School


Discover your inner artist.

In Middle School, you’ll tap your inner artist through daily exploration of the arts. In sixth grade, you’ll have an opportunity to survey all our artistic offerings—visual, performance, and digital—before declaring a “major” that will be the focus of your Middle School artistic career.

In performing arts, you might experiment with the art of modern choreography in dance, learn how to fully embody a character in theater, perfect your pitch in chorus, or build a foundation in music theory and expression while learning to play an instrument in band or orchestra. Or perhaps you’ll playfully explore a variety of media—from clay to recycled materials, paints to oil pastels—in creative, expressive 2D and 3D projects in visual arts. Or get behind the camera as you learn the ins and outs of multimedia production in digital arts.

Whatever your chosen focus, you’ll develop a respect for the art and artist, explore fundamental principles and techniques, and consider your discipline’s history and social influence. You’ll learn the art of design thinking and collaboration as you work in teams to iterate and refine original, impactful works. And build confidence as you find and express your own artistic voice.

Middle School

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