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No more teaching to the test.

Our innovative Middle School mathematics faculty aren’t here to make you memorize random equations for the next test. They aren’t interested in presenting mathematical concepts in a vacuum without any sense of how they might be used in the real world.

Nope, what makes our faculty tick is a passion for awakening your inner mathematician. For helping you see the world through a mathematician’s eyes. They’re committed to instilling a deeper appreciation of math as an integral part of your world (seriously, it's everywhere) and arming you with the concepts and quantitative skills—think conjecture, analysis, abstraction, generalization—to understand it.

Untethered from the confines of a textbook, our teachers create their own curriculum and curate the very best resources that meet your learning needs. They bring math off the page in exciting ways that drive home key concepts by illustrating just how applicable they are to real life (having some pretty amazing technology to play with doesn’t hurt).

You won’t just learn linear equations and scatter plots, you’ll use them to build the perfect model airplane, analyze flight data, and consider how changing a single variable—power, wing area, trajectory— impacts performance. Rather than just calculating hypotenuses or polygon area, you’ll use spatial thinking to design objects in TinkerCad that solve real-world engineering challenges (you’ll get a chance to 3D print your solutions, too). And, instead of just tackling percentages, you’ll delve into financial literacy to establish a monthly budget and determine how much you might have to set aside each month in your interest-earning savings account to be ready for college.

Again, and again, you’ll put concepts to practice with interdisciplinary problems that give you a chance to embrace mathematical challenges and flex your analytical, problem-solving muscles in new ways. We want you to stretch and grow—to work hard, make mistakes, and learn from your errors. Trust us, perseverance and resiliency are mindsets that will serve you well for years to come.

But don’t fret. There are multiple paths through our curriculum, and we’ll make sure to set you on the one that is right for you. Our placement program ensures that you find that perfect balance of challenge and comfort. And you won’t be own your own. If you need help, your teachers are there for you – inside and outside of class time.

So, get ready to fly. To tackle real world design challenges. To make money moves. And imagine how math can change the world – and your life – for the better.

Middle School

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