Middle School

Language Arts

Get ready to love (and get really good at) reading and writing.

Our diverse Middle School language arts curriculum—no two units look the same—invites you to explore the written and spoken word across a variety of formats, genres, and disciplines. Our creative faculty will help you discover the form that speaks to you and empower you to delve deeper to discover your own unique voice and style.

Through personalized reading lists, immersive interdisciplinary projects, and authentic writing assignments, you’ll interact with the written word in myriad innovative ways that bring it to life, make it relevant to your world, foster deeper understanding, and build communication skills.

Maybe you’ll work with a local theater company to bring your poetry to life on the stage. Or get tips on crafting a riveting fictional narrative from a local author-in-residence. Or craft a graphic novel memoir of your life. Or collaborate with a team to recreate your favorite fictional world in augmented reality. Or draft a new social policy around a cause that you feel passionate about in the local community.

Project after project, year after year, you’ll build on your skills thanks to a carefully designed interdisciplinary course of study coordinated across grade levels. Thoughtful integration of technology—from adaptive AI vocabulary-building platforms to online media resources to Minecraft and numerous emerging technologies in between—will provide you with additional opportunities to hone your skills and explore your interests.

Along the way, you’ll develop crucial critical thinking skills as you learn to analyze and critique a variety of works—from classic to contemporary—that represent an array of perspectives, identities, and voices. You’ll make important connections to other disciplines and learn how the written and spoken word is used to transform people, attitudes, events, and worldviews. And you’ll develop impressive writing skills bolstered by a stellar vocabulary and thorough understanding of grammar

The bottom line? You’ll emerge a confident and well-versed communicator ready to tackle our Upper School English program with aplomb.

Middle School

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