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The Earth is in our hands (and your projects).

Earth may not be at the center of our universe, but, in Middle School science, the hands-on exploration and preservation of our incredible planet is our primary focus.

You’ll explore pressing questions—the human impact on our ecological world, its effect on our quality of life, and the ways in which we can be better stewards of our planet—just as a working scientist would. Not by simply reading or watching demonstrations, but by doing. Think hands-on projects, inquiry-based experimentation, extensive laboratory experience both inside and outside the classroom, and state-of-the-art technology-enabled data collection and analysis.

Imagine being tasked with protecting a threatened animal species that lives in our community. Or simulating a mission to Mars, complete with designing and building a landing vehicle, programming and driving robotic rovers, and designing human habitats. Or designing an aquaponics system with plants and fish that will produce food in a sustainable way. Or conducting a personal energy-use audit that spurs a public awareness campaign to motivate your neighbors to adopt more environmentally conscious behaviors. Our Middle School student scientists have engaged in these projects and more.

All our classes are primed for curiosity, inspiring and empowering you to take the lead to explore, discover, and learn. To ask why? And how? And to become a more responsible, informed, and scientifically literate global citizen. (After all, we’re developing the next generation of changemakers. Of climate activists. Of watershed protectors. Of innovative environmental engineers.)

Across all your work, you’ll have ample chances to flex your critical, scientific, engineering, and design thinking skills as you conduct experiments, challenge assumptions, test theories, fail (yep, all great scientists do), and try again. And you’ll hear directly from professionals across a variety of scientific disciplines to consider future career paths and imagine what innovations and discoveries you yourself will contribute down the road.

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