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Just shy of time travel.

While CA doesn’t exactly have a time machine, we have the next best thing: engaged faculty, inquisitive students, innovative technology, and an inspired and thoughtfully designed social studies program that brings history to life. Get ready to forge meaningful connections between the past and present—and develop some impressive research skills along the way.

In sixth and seventh grade, your curiosity will lead you on in-depth investigations of ancient and modern civilizations the world over. You’ll delve deep into their geography, history, and social fabrics, and compare how cultural universals—religion, economics, social practices, politics, arts, and more—differ and shift over time, even influencing our world today.

In eighth grade, you’ll explore all facets of American history from a variety of perspectives. You’ll consider how our shared past shapes our present—and our future. And ask daring questions: What is America? What does it mean to be American? What makes a person take a stand? What is social justice? And how can I be a more informed, ethical, and impactful citizen that makes the world a better place?

How will you do this? Not through mere memorization of facts and dates. Our faculty aren’t wedded to any prescribed curriculum. Instead they follow their passions and yours to offer interactive simulations, immersive research projects, engaging debates, and virtual and real-world field trips aimed at giving you an insider’s view into history, cultures, and societies the world over.

You might represent the Song Dynasty during our Year 1,000 Festival, selling your culturally authentic wares as you educate our larger community about your turn-of-the-millennia civilization (while dressed in typical garments of the time, of course). Or perhaps your study of Lalibela, Ethiopia will guide you to an interest in rock-hewn 13th century Coptic churches, which you will painstakingly recreate in Minecraft. Or maybe you’ll explore the Indian subcontinent with virtual reality. Or argue a case that you are passionate about in front of the Supreme Court (your peer justices will keep you on your toes). Or partner with a local nonprofit to rethink how we might best serve the needs of our local immigrant communities.

Throughout, you’ll have opportunities to focus in on the aspects of history you find most intriguing. And, you’ll get personal, thanks to diverse guest speakers, including many from our very own community, who will share their cultures, their stories of lived history.

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