Upper School


Creativity leads the way.

In Upper School, you’ll have ample opportunities to let your imagination and creativity lead the way, thanks to wide-ranging electives across our visual, performance, and digital arts programs. Get ready to play, experiment, and take creative risks.

You might serenade your peers in an impromptu lunchtime concert (what better preparation for your audition for the All-State Jazz band?). Or workshop a particularly challenging scene with fellow actors in theater, digging deep to understand and reflect a character’s motivations. Or premier your original choreography in the spring dance performance.

Perhaps, you’ll build a portfolio of original, aesthetically impactful visual art—paintings, drawings, sculpture, and more—that powerfully conveys your unique perspective and emerging artistic voice. Or learn the ins and outs of 3D fabrication using state-of-the-art maker tools. Or help take your robotics team to nationals.

Across all your creative explorations, you’ll be guided by expert artists and makers—our talented faculty—that will help you refine your techniques. You’ll leverage design thinking and work collaboratively with peers to iterate and improve, polishing your work until it is ready to be shared with the world. And you’ll have ample opportunities to do so through performances and exhibitions at CA and beyond.

Upper School

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