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Computer Science

We’re a tech-forward school, after all.

So, it’s probably no great surprise that our Upper School computer science department is a physical and virtual technology playground for our students. And that it's outfitted with some pretty cool, cutting-edge toys to help you make the most of your tech-splorations (think HTC Vives, Microsoft Hololens, and Microsoft Azure Kinect Developer Kits with AI sensors for computer vision and speech).

Thanks to a flexible slate of electives and a supportive, inclusive department, you’ll be empowered to follow where your curiosity leads as you explore various dimensions of technology and computer science. From programming (our expert faculty are fluent in numerous languages) to computer and network hardware, to network security, to virtual and augmented reality, to artificial intelligence, and everything in between—you can focus in on those areas that you find most intriguing.

Learn the fundamentals of programming and computational thinking so that you are well prepared to tackle any programming language. Found a favorite? Go deeper with hands-on projects that will have you coding a working app or designing a game before you know it.

Get a leg up on your IT career by securing a Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification in IT Infrastructure or Software Development before you even graduate. Or put your classroom knowledge into practice by offering professional tech support to your peers at CA’s Help Desk.

Got a big idea? Ready for a challenge? In our advanced course, you’ll have free rein to propose projects and, once approved, work with your faculty sponsor to bring them to fruition.

Maybe you’ll use open source tools to create a position approximation algorithm that gives a robot “vision” so that it can navigate autonomously (our robotics team will thank you). Or take a turn as a digital composer, delving into ChucK—a programming language intended for real-time audio synthesis—to create an original techno score. Or try your hand at programming a virtual reality version of the classic PacMan (heads up: it’s hard to get those ghosts’ eyes just right).

Regardless of your focus, you’ll become a more knowledgeable, flexible, and creative problem-solver, ready to apply your learning in the real world. Just ask a couple of our alums .

Upper School

Virtual Reality headset during computer science week
Upper School
Computer science Congressional App Challenge