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“When will I ever use this in the real world?” said no Upper School CA math student ever.

At CA, mathematics is more than just a2+b2=c2 or even f(x,y)=cos(2x)−x2e5y+3y2. Rather than just solving equations, you’ll collaborate with your peers in and out of the classroom to model the real world using mathematics.

Statistics might become an interdisciplinary data visualization art project (or, perhaps, an investigation into election results). Geometry, a scavenger hunt to identify the geometric figures hidden in the world all around us or determining dimensions of towering structures by simply analyzing their shadows on the ground. Trigonometry, an exercise in bicycle engineering or modeling the seasonal temperature changes on opposite ends of the globe. Or, since we don’t contain our enthusiasm for mathematics to the classroom, maybe you’ll team up with a friend to solve the student-issued problem of the week and earn those coveted bragging rights.

When your mathematics curriculum is that outside of the box, your teachers that innovative and interdisciplinary—no standard textbooks will do. That’s why our inventive mathematics faculty collaborate to create their own—in Microsoft’s OneNote. Right from your tablet (yep, every student has one), you’ll have access to a selection of resources that have been carefully curated as the most effective in-depth materials to support you on your mathematical pursuits.

Are you the next Uhlenbeck or Langlands? You’ll have ample room to explore those mathematical aspirations with a flexible curriculum that lets you choose your own path and offers higher-level and blended courses not found elsewhere (including some held in partnership with North Carolina State University).

You’re going to be challenged, develop sharp logical reasoning and deductive skills (possibly earning some college credit along the way), and graduate well prepared to excel in any college-level math course that awaits.

Upper School

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