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Physical Education & Health

Preparing you for the future is about more than academics alone.

It’s also about laying the groundwork for a healthy lifestyle that will support you for all your future world-conquering plans. And that’s where CA’s Upper School Physical Education and Health program comes in.

Our holistic approach to wellness is multidimensional—focused not only on your physical health, but your social and emotional health as well. Designed to inspire healthy habits that will last a lifetime, our program is flexible, allowing you the freedom to pursue those dimensions of health and fitness that you find most relevant, productive, and enjoyable.

In grades nine and ten, our expert faculty will guide you as you tackle pertinent health information and issues that might be looming large in your life, in your community. You’ll address topics like stress management, anatomy, disease transmission, first aid and safety, and drugs and alcohol use—not with boring lectures or dated textbooks—but through personally-relevant, hands-on projects and with the help of engaging, professional guest speakers.

Maybe you’ll identify your stressors, learn how they affect your body, and create a custom plan to head them off at the pass. Or reflect on your fitness goals and work with our Strength and Conditioning Coach to create a custom circuit training workout. Or 3D-print a model of the human knee to get a new perspective on the human body—one that might help you avoid injury in the future. Or prepare to be a hero by learning CPR or developing a fire safety plan for your family.

Every year, you will engage in some form of physical activity of your choosing. You might take the field as a member of one of our competitive athletics teams (go Chargers!). Or discover a new interest through one of our diverse physical electives that include team sports, leisure activities, and other fitness pursuits (tai chi or pilates, anyone?). Or co-design your own fitness program that takes into account your off-campus passions and goals like running your first 5k, lifeguarding, horseback riding, or cycling (you tell us!).

Throughout, you’ll develop the crucial health literacies required to navigate the world independently, responsibly, and healthfully. You’ll learn how to obtain, interpret, and understand basic health information. To advocate for yourself, and for your physical and emotional needs. And to make sound health-related judgements that will support your long term wellness.

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